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Dan Smolen is a future or work thought-leader who is nationally recognized for future of work and meaningful work podcasting

At the start of 2018, Dan ended his 20-year-long headhunting career.

I discovered that an increasing number of my executive search candidates wanted work that is profound, protects the planet, empowers people, and is fun to do–meaningful work.”

By launching The Dan Smolen Experience and The Dan Smolen Podcast (formerly The Tightrope Podcast), he aligned with his new career mission:

“To help people like my former clients and candidates follow their dreams of doing meaningful work.”

Best of all, Dan has found great joy returning to the microphone. On the podcast, he interviews people who have achieved career success, and thought-leaders who are shaping the future of work as meaningful work.

With so many of us shifting to telework and working from home, The Dan Smolen Podcast Channel on YouTube provides you with an enjoyable and meaningful way to engage with thought-leaders who are helping to shape the future of work around meaningful work.