Mastering one’s career can often feel like being out of step and slightly-off-key.

It’s like walking a tightrope.

Insights You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

In today’s fast-paced environment, reading self-help and career books becomes an expensive and time-consuming exercise that gets us nowhere fast. On the carefully produced and curated episodes of The Tightrope with Dan Smolen, you will hear first-hand stories from people who have taken similar perilous steps – or missteps. This is the place where we can traverse from one end of the metaphorical canyon to the other – from a place of doubt, confusion, and despair left behind to the other end of the tightrope with our dreams of doing meaningful work becoming a reality.

You’ll discover from our guests:

  • What their reflections of their childhood dreams are;
  • What makes their lives happy and what led them to pivot;
  • How they boost their confidence and what inspires them to take risks;
  • How they build their knowledge and experience, while managing their financial challenges;
  • What it takes to create enduring success; and
  • How they create their thought-leadership in their field to positively impact the people and communities that they serve

Whether you listen from the comfort of your home or during your daily commute, The Tightrope provides enjoyable storytelling, insights, and inspiration that you need to act decisively and confidently on your own beautiful dreams. The real-life experiences of our guests – who’ve overcome great odds and considerable disappointment – will help you say “I too can walk the Tightrope to a new job or career that provides great and positive meaning!”

Here’s What Our Listeners are Saying

The Tightrope with Dan Smolen Podcast resonates with me on many levels. Keep up the good work!

Denise in Connecticut, Listener

Very well executed and interesting to listen to.

Modulated Canine Chaser, Listener

I truly enjoy this podcast.

AVALON CT, Listener

The Tightrope fits in so closely with my values of having experience versus having things.

DiePollenDie, Listener

The featured guests are well chosen for their points-of-view and insight on career pathways. Thank you!

Jewel JD, Listener

I enjoy listening to The Tightrope in the car on my way to work. You have a great guest line up.

Cayuga26 , Listener

Dan Smolen continues to find insightful guests and his interviews get to the core of issues critical to leadership, motivation, and the continuing
changing workplace. Thanks, Dan, and keep up the good work. You’re making [me] a better leader and manager—two completely separate topics!

USNA67, Listener

Just came across this podcast on the recommendation of a friend. I couldn’t stop listening to the episode with Epic Experiences. I highly recommend this podcast.

Voltron411 , Listener

The Tightrope Podcast takes listeners on relevant journeys to meet thought leaders who share their methods for achieving ‘meaningful work.’ I recommend that you tune in while driving to work!

JCReview17, Listener

This podcast is FUN! I laugh, I smile, I listen…and I get inspired for meaningful work that I can do.

Moira from the 347, Listener

I’ve been listening to The Tightrope on Apple Podcast during my recent road trips. Enjoy the deep-dive conversations.

Yonah Yefroyel, Listener

Love, love, LOVED Dan’s episodes with Piece Pizzeria’s Billy Jacobs. Love that place and Billy’s passion for his work!

Lincoln Park Liz, Listener

Work should be joyful. I’m liking this podcast a lot and eagerly await new episodes.

Zircon Tweezers, Listener

This is one of the better produced podcasts I’ve found. Dan and his guests are good storytellers. Love the meaningful work beat.

X CICU Nurse, Listener

First podcast that I’ve heard from an ex-headhunter. Good stuff!

Loring Park 612, Listener

I enjoyed the episodes with Mike Shochet the reporter turned cop turned cantor and clergyman. What a story!

Marjorie 11545, Listener

I really enjoyed Dan’s episode with the Queen of the Millennials who really gets our generation! Excellent show.

UES Walk Up, Listener

Worked with Dan on college radio. Great to hear his voice after all these years. I recommend this podcast.

QuarterTurn, Listener

Dan’s tapping this well of unhappiness at work, and trying to help people find their way to doing meaningful work. Great podcast.

MVillage 20882, Listener

Truly inspired by the guests who’ve overcome things to do work that they love. I’ll keep tuning in.

Caroline 1999, Listener

I enjoy it when Dan asks about his guests’ what they wanted to be when grown up stories! So relatable.

Dahlia889, Listener

I can tell a lot of work goes into producing these episodes. Good career and life story telling.

Erich S, Listener

Dan is turning the idea of work upside down, blowing it up. Interesting podcast for sure.

Finn in Cali, Listener

I just discovered the episode with Carla Fleming, the design thinker and I enjoyed it. Recommending the Tightrope!

Keller UVA 434, Listener

I just discovered The Tightrope. Feeling good about my new career act and looking forward to new episodes.

Second Act at 44, Listener

The discussions remind me of the work of the late author from Chicago, Studs Turkel. Dan takes work that people do and meaningful work to a new level.

William J , Listener

I never liked dealing with job recruiters. But I like what I hear from Dan and his podcast. He seems to care a lot about people seeking the best from work.

Heroica, Listener

I was walking the tightrope before I found the Tightrope podcast. Nice to know I’m not alone on my journey. Thanks, Dan!

NataliaZ, Listener

I fly a lot and podcasts help me pass the time. Found the Tightrope on Spotify. Really enjoying it.

Thats Me in 44C, Listener

There are a lot of dry career podcasts out there, especially the corporate ones. Not this podcast. Dan uses his headhunter experience and good sense of humor to discuss his guests’ amazing work stories. I’m in corporate talent search and I make a point to listen to this terrific podcast. Keep ’em coming!

TalentScoutinTempe, Listener

Subscribe today, and together, let’s take this journey to meaningful work. It’s going to be amazing!

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About the Tightrope with Dan Smolen
About the Tightrope with Dan Smolen