be intentional about meeting new peopleFuture of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen believes that we must be intentional about meeting new people.

The most important action any success focused professional achieves is in expanding their network of likeminded careerists.

Job boards and recruiters are indeed important to your goals. But the relationships that you establish in your professional network will likely provide you the most career advancing benefits. 

Connecting with fellow professionals can be intimidating, especially during the pandemic, which ended many face-to-face engagement opportunities.

But I find that likeminded people are most eager to meet up on Zoom, to make acquaintances and explore opportunities to help one another.

And to do that, you must carve out considerable time to mine LinkedIn for targeted prospects. And once you do that, be intentional about meeting new people.

If you are an introvert, you may feel some sense of intimidation about the process. I get that. However, Zoom engagements may take the sting out of first meetings. They provide participants with intimacy needed to easily make new acquaintances. And, truth be told, the pandemic has changed how most of us will engage to further our careers.

So, be intentional about meeting new people. Your goal of doing meaningful work depends on it!

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Image credits: Intentional networking; jacoblund for iStock Photo; J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.


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