are you getting enough sleepFuture of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen asks: are you getting enough sleep?

Perhaps the greatest casualty of the Pandemic Age is a good night’s sleep. We are all restless in bed. And many of us wake up tired and unfocused, rendering us unprepared for a day’s work requirements.

And it is no surprise to understand why we are so tired. Our technology draws us in and often never lets go.

Let’s set aside all the self-help books offering to lull you to sleep like a baby. The problem starts with that technology. Use the settings on your iPhone or other device to set your sleep schedule. And use your free waking time to go analog: pick up a hardcover book and read, put on your hiking shoes and trek outdoors, or work up some culinary magic in the kitchen.

Freeing ourselves of our electronic conveniences gives our neurons much needed rest. And when they relax, so do we.

Oh, and two more insights:

  1. Set a bed time and stick with it. Many experts believe 10:00 PM is optimal.
  2. Strive for 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep. And, to that end, make sure that that eighth hour happens as it is the-most important. Make it count.

So, are you getting enough sleep? If you are, then you are well on your way to easing your mind and body for productive meaningful work exploration.

Sweet dreams!

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