immigrant's future work storyFuture of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen discovers Raj Subrameyer’s immigrant’s future work story.

Raj arrived in the United States for graduate study. He was an introverted Southern Indian student who pursued the lofty career goals that others expected him to follow.

Astonishingly, he applied for over 1,200 jobs and got but a handful of interviews. That’s when he decided to focus on his own happiness; he began a process of discovery which got him unstuck to start his own business.

Now, through his brand ChaiLatte Consulting, Raj helps tech careerists get unstuck for the future of work.

Full interview starts at 2:55

In a wide-ranging discussion, Raj:

  • Provides the unique value proposition of ChaiLatte Consulting, his own name-change, and the importance of having an “immigrant mindset.” Starts at 4:40
  • Recalls how he tapped his “inner extrovert” to help careerists. Starts at 8:32
  • Pushes against the [Southern Indian] cultural tenet of not questioning things. Starts at 13:25
  • Delves into the WHY of personal (career) branding. Starts at 26:27
  • Describes how immigrants to the US can overcome their disadvantages. Starts at 31:22
  • Offers his take on future of work opportunities. Starts at 39:01

Raj also describes his motivation to help others achieve career success:

immigrant's future work story“I wanted to help underdogs like me, who had the skill-sets, but were looking for guidance.”

With great cheer, Raj Subrameyer lives a rewarding immigrant’s future work story.

Full interview starts at 2:55

About our guest:

Raj Subrameyer earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Anna University and a Masters of Science in Software Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Raj is the author of the book, Skyrocket Your Career. He lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

EPISODE DATE: November 26, 2021

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