video storytelling drives career successFuture of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen meets with Nina Froriep to discuss how video storytelling drives career success.

Nina is a veteran video marketer and principal of Clock Wise Productions. She helps people across the globe to promote themselves and their brands effectively on social media.

We have all experienced massive disruption caused by the pandemic. And 18 months of remote work placed us in Zoom Rooms where video became our chief engagement tool.

Likely is the case that we all don’t use video well. And that is why Nina supports video storytelling that drives career success.

video storytelling dries career success“Your biggest compliment is when you get on a Zoom call with somebody for the first time and they say: oh my god, you look just like you did in your video!

Full interview starts at 2:55

In a wide ranging discussion, Nina:

  • Describes Clock Wise Productions and its unique value to career professionals. Starts at 4:27
  • Explains how the pandemic changed her business. Starts at 5:24
  • Illustrates how people are raising their game with video. Starts at 6:44
  • Offers how video marketing supports independent marketers and other professionals. Starts at 15:58
  • Digs into the WHY of video storytelling. Starts at 20:16
  • Comments on the challenges of doing video while sharing workspaces with others. Starts at 28:42
  • Supports the importance of wearing your brand’s colors on camera. Starts at 33:52

About our guest:

video storytelling drives career successNina Froriep is the founder of Clock Wise Productions. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in German Literature and Linguistics from the University of Zurich and a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Journalism from The New School. She lives and works in New York City and Switzerland.

Full interview starts at 2:55

EPISODE DATE: October 29, 2021

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