great resignation turned great empowermentFuture of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen meets with marketing expert Amanda Blair Davis who experienced The Great Resignation turned Great Empowerment.

Amanda built a successful career as a corporate marketing executive. During the pandemic, she thrived working remotely. But, in 2021, when her company called people back to the office, she resigned.

Undaunted, she built a life and new career as an entrepreneur. Amanda founded Hudson Davis Communications, a marketing agency to serve the needs of many clients, including her former employer:

“What happened was that I opened up a whole new set of work for myself.”

Now, work is part of a day in which Amanda does other great things. Work is no longer the day.

Millions of Americans exited the workforce in 2021. And, in August 2021 alone, 4.3 million people became part of The Great Resignation.

Amanda believes that people who, like her, resigned their jobs can transition to happy and satisfying independent work and life experiences.

Full interview starts at 3:06

In a wide ranging interview, Amanda:

  • Summarizes her corporate marketing career. Starts at 4:51
  • Describes how the shift to remote work during the pandemic shifted her career. Starts at 12:23
  • Discusses the events of The Great Resignation turned Great Empowerment. Starts at 16:46
  • Relives starting her agency and drawing other independent marketing professionals to work with her. Starts at 21:26
  • Advises listeners on how they can pivot their careers. Starts at 28:35

great resignation turned great empowermentAbout our guest:

Amanda Blair Davis earned a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communications from University of Phoenix’s Southern California Campus and a Masters of Science in Communications Management from the University of Southern California. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Full interview starts at 3:06

EPISODE DATE: October 22, 2021

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