case for intercultural creativity

Future of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen interviews Genein Letford to discuss the case for intercultural creativity at work.

Genein Letford is a public speaker, podcaster, and thought-leader in intercultural creativity. She works with hiring managers to help them create thriving workplaces.

When people at work collaborate, they often pair up with others who are most like them. The old expression “birds of a feather flock together” aptly describes the preferences that we have in others.

However, the workplace benefits most when we seek out people that are least like us. To that end, Genein states the case for intercultural creativity.

Full interview starts at 3:05

In this episode, Genein:

  • Describes intercultural creativity and its importance in the workplace. Starts at 4:57
  • Defines the 7 Gems. Starts at 8:01
    1. Creative Growth Mindset. Starts at 8:30
    2. The Empathetic Way. Starts at 9:25
    3. Cultural Observation. Starts at 9:54
    4. Cultural Curiosity. Starts at 10:46
    5. Perspective Shifting. Starts at 12:07
    6. Authentic Adaptation. Starts at 13:12
    7. Being a Bridge/Creating Across Cultures. Starts at 14:17
  • Recalls how education and teaching young children shaped her thought-leadership. Starts at 15:32
  • Answers the WHY of intercultural creativity. Starts at 18:33
  • States the business case she lays out for senior executives. Starts at 32:58

Genein Letford makes the case for intercultural creativity to help people in the workplace thrive.

Full interview starts at 3:05

About our guest:

case for intercultural creativityGenein Letford is a public speaker, podcaster, and Chief Creative Officer at CAFFE Strategies. The company drives thought-leadership in intercultural creativity. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at UCLA and a Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from California State University at Northridge. She lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.

EPISODE DATE: October 15, 2021

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  1. Dan Smolen October 15, 2021 at 8:08 am

    More on Genein Letford’s 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity, HERE.

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