Future of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen believes that the Generation Z career journey will involve many new starts and pivots.

the generation z career journeyThis week on the Dan Smolen Podcast, I interview Andrea Koppel of the Time4Coffee Podcast and College2Career Academy about her noble mission. Andrea’s goal is to help 1 million soon-to-graduate students ease their anxiety so that they may embark on glorious careers.

TheTime4Coffee Podcast features Andrea’s hundreds of guest interviews with successful careerists. She draws from these engagements “data sets” that allow the Generation Z career journey to be fun and rewarding. She reminds her audience that they may embark on careers, several in fact, that may not necessarily flow from their college major.

Her own multi-career journey informs Time4Coffee’s and College2Career Academy’s brilliant process.

Andrea worked 20 years as a journalist, serving most of that as a foreign-based, Capitol Hill, and State Department correspondent for CNN before two years working in public relations, then seven as a senior executive supporting nonprofits. Later, when she exited the corporate world, Andrea applied her talents and multi-career experiences to help the severely impacted Gen Z cohort find their bliss in post-college careers. And that is how Time4Coffee and College2Career Academy were born.

She makes clear that the pressures on this generational cohort are numerous and intense. And that these young people need guidance and encouragement to succeed.

Many Gen Zers suffer unrelenting pressure as teens to enter the college track focused on specific degree programs. But as they approach college graduation, Andrea says that people in the Generation Z cohort feel anxious and stuck about entering the work world. She helps to get them to a blissful place.

I hope you will listen in this Friday, September 17, 2021 when this terrific podcast episode drops, for Andrea’s amazing insight can help anyone in the workforce, not just those on the Generation Z career journey.

Our best days lie ahead.

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Image credits: Andrea Koppel, Time4Coffee Podcast; Podcast button, J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.