Future of Work Sherpa Dan Smolenpandemic and the workplace meets with Rob Citronberg MD to discuss the pandemic and the workplace.

Dr. Citronberg is Advocate Aurora Health Care’s Executive Director of Infectious Disease and Prevention.

What is more, he leads his healthcare system’s Covid-19 response and addresses the needs of hospitalized Covid patients. Beyond his hospital responsibilities, Dr. Citronberg also counsels members of the business community on their return to the workplace.

Main interview segment starts at 2:58

In this podcast episode, Dr. Citronberg:

  • Explains the scope of his work. Starts at 4:20
  • Describes how the Delta Variant differs from the novel (original) Covid-19 virus. Starts at 6:04
  • Offers key insight derived from Israeli Covid research and the likelihood of a Covid booster shot. Starts at 10:01
  • Explains the push for vaccine mandates. Starts at 14:03
  • Addresses changes in workplace density to keep people safe. Starts at 18:02
  • Answers the question: “will vaccinated workers need to be boosted annually?” Starts at 24:06

Main interview segment starts at 2:58

pandemic and the workplaceOf business leaders’ insistence on vaccine mandates for their hired talent, Dr. Citronberg says:

“[They want] to create a safe environment where–if you’re coming into the office–you want to feel safe, that you are around people that are not going to make you sick.”

Going forward, how we relate to the pandemic and the workplace will impact the future of work.

About our guest:

Rob Citronberg MD earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Dr. Citronberg appears regularly on Chicago Channel 7’s morning newscast to discuss Covid-19. He lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

EPISODE DATE: September 3, 2021

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