turn crisis into career opportunityPodcaster and Future of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen believes that times like these are perfect to turn crisis into career opportunity.

It takes a steeled spine to log onto the New York Times‘ website and read so much grim news.

However, it is in times of deep crisis that people can connect with the dream of doing meaningful work.

Right now, we can turn crisis into career opportunity.

Throughout Dan’s life, he has known people who set course on meaningful careers born out of crisis:

Rob Glassman and Dan attended overnight summer camp, together. And it was when their friend and fellow camper, David, contracted childhood leukemia that 14-year-old Rob decided he wanted to be a healer.

turn crisis into career opportunityAdelle Settle founded Settle the Debt, a nonprofit that pays off student lunch debt so that kids can eat nutritious meals at school. A formidable activist, Adelle has also helped sponsor legislation that ensures that no Virginia school students go hungry. That legislation became Virginia law earlier this year.

Dan turned environmental crisis into career opportunity, as well.

As a high school senior in Montgomery County, Maryland, Dan reached out to his Member of Congress, Newton I. Steers, Jr., to stop a mining company from dumping asbestos-laden rock into the Potomac River. He recognized why that was important: Montgomery County, Maryland sourced all of its potable water from the river.

Many years later, Dan rebranded his executive recruitment firm The Green Suits, to specialize in talent placement for resource sustainability, clean tech, and corporate social responsibility clients.

We have within us the power to turn crisis into career opportunity.

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EPISODE DATE: August 20, 2021

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