future work in food productionPodcaster Dan Smolen sees future work in local food production.

We have a serious food problem. And, according to the International Monetary Fund, the price of food has jumped 47 percent in the past year.

Our once reliable agricultural model scaled a food pipeline driven on abundant water, millions of acres of rich farmland, a huge supply chain, and cheap labor. However, the pandemic and climate change destroyed that model.

Most of the food that we eat travels long distances to reach our tables. During the long journey, our food loses nutritional value. Instead, growing fresh local food ensures that we are better fed. And that provides us better health outcomes.

To feed the nation and the world, we must pivot to a new model that drives future work in local food production.

Podcast guest Maurice Small is a nationally recognized regenerative farmer and social entrepreneur. He helps people to find and do meaningful work in regenerative farming.

Maurice also helps urban farmers to become instruments of food justice. As a result, people in need gain access to fresh and sustainable protein and produce.

“Food justice means that we all eat, and we all eat well.”

Maurice is leading the charge for future work in local food production.

Full interview starts at 6:37

About our guest:

Maurice Small has cultivated a national following for sustainable agriculture and healthy lifestyles in underserved communities. He collaborates with stakeholders in government, business, academia, and community to help people eat and live well. His company, Small Enterprises, and his farm are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

EPISODE DATE: July 23, 2021

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Image credits: Fresh produce, Manassas, Virginia Farmers’ Market; Portrait, Maurice Small; Podcast button, J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.