the great resignationThe Great Resignation is here. But hiring managers are unprepared for what happens next.

I just returned from a 10-day vacation, a time to unwind and reflect. My relaxed state softened my ears to the world around me.

And, what I heard often from friends and fellow tourists was best summarized by this statement:

“I am thinking about leaving my job.”

A survey conducted by Monster aligns with my insight, and suggests that many in the active workforce are indeed considering resignation. From the CNBC article:

“In what’s been dubbed the “Great Resignation,” a whopping 95% of workers are now considering changing jobs, and 92% are even willing to switch industries to find the right position, according to a recent report by jobs site”

For the better part of 18 months, the active professional workforce pivoted to remote work. Talent engaged well with remote work tools and strategies. And work became part of the day—not the day.

However, as Covid restrictions wane, hiring managers are demanding that workers return to the co-location. The most strident of return to the office edicts comes from CEO Jamie Dimon at JPMorganChase; Dimon commands that all employees–vaccinated or not–return to their co-location. According to Quentin Fottrell on MarketWatch:

[Dimon] did not mince his words. Working from home “doesn’t work for people who want to hustle, doesn’t work for culture, doesn’t work for idea generation. By September it will look just like it did before,” Dimon said at a Wall Street Journal CEO Council event last month. “We are getting blowback about coming back internally, but that’s life.”

As CEO, Dimon must normalize operations for the sake of JPMorganChase shareholders. But, his company will likely become Ground Zero for the Great Resignation, because work from anywhere is no longer an option at his company.

This we know: hiring managers that embrace work from anywhere will thrive, while those that don’t will lose their best talent. (Full stop.)

The Great Resignation is a market driver in the biggest change to the American workforce. How hiring managers relate to it will affect our economy for decades to come.

Our best days lie ahead.

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