future of work sherpaMy mission as a Future of Work Sherpa is to help people find and do meaningful work.

Although I’ve never mountain-climbed, I am a lifelong hiker who loves the adventure of an arduous trek. What is more, I have always admired the unsung heroes of Himalayan mountain-climbing who help people ascend the world’s highest peaks.

Sherpas are the elite of mountaineering. These unsung heroes enable others to achieve amazing feats.

Months ago, I challenged myself to come up with a succinct value statement to explain the scope of my work and also how I differentiate myself from others in the broader future of work discussion.

And I arrived on the notion that I am a future of work sherpa whose mission it is to help careerists connect with work that is profound, protects the planet, empowers people and communities and is fun to do—meaningful work.

The challenge that people seeking future work have is that their work-journey involves more than job seeking. Careerists in pursuit of future work must employ four process points that focus their journey and lead them to success. They are: DREAM, EXPLORE, STRATEGIZE, and ACT.

First, we encourage people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of education and training to DREAM about the kind of work that they believe will make them happy and well purposed.

Next, we guide them to EXPLORE opportunities to do the work that they dream about.

Then, we focus them to STRATEGIZE, to align with the skill and experience needed to do the work and opportunities of their choosing.

And last, we prod them to ACT, to seize on the opportunities to do the work of their dreams.

I think that the sherpa guides mountain-climbing guests in the same manner. The sherpa helps climbers to live their dreams. And, for sure, the act of mountaineering is a brilliant example of exploration.

Further, the sherpa focuses climbers to think intentionally and to process the critical strategies needed for success. And, last, the sherpa prods the climbers to act, to reach their destination.

So now you know: I am a future of work sherpa. And while I hope you recognize my name and embrace my mission, I wish most of all that your career journey to the future of work is thrilling and gets you to where you want to go.

As we climb great heights together, do recognize that our best days lie ahead.

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Image credits: Sherpa and mountain climber, jmaehl for iStock Photo; Podcast button, J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.