act on future work opportunitiesWhen we act on future work opportunities, we help make our career dreams come true.

Paired with dreams, exploration, and strategy, action helps us to achieve career success. These four components weave together like DNA, in countless combinations, to create a pathway for people to seek and do meaningful work.

In this episode, Dan Smolen recalls how his early career ambition benefitted from a big relocation:

“My first big career break also fulfilled the desire that my wife and I had to move to an interesting but far away part of the country. We were East Coasters. And my first agency job relocated us to Minneapolis.”

Seizing career advancement opportunities has served Dan well across all four of his career acts.

In this episode, Dan also recalls how a 20-year role in executive search exposed him to people who jumped at sudden career opportunities out of basic need. In other words, they needed immediate cash-flow to survive. Still, when money and volatility are not career-change drivers, some people act impulsively…because, that’s what they do.

Also in this episode, we meet Marti Konstant of Konstant Change. Marti is a workplace futurist who helps people employ agility to succeed in the future of work. In this interview segment, she and Dan discuss working from anywhere. Discussion starts here: 9:46

act on future work opportunitiesAbout our guest:

Marti Konstant is an author, consultant, and globally recognized workplace futurist. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Marti lives and works in Chicago.

EPISODE DATE: May 28, 2021

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