dreams inspire our future workWe discuss how dreams inspire our future work.

Dreams are part of the components that help us to seek and do meaningful work and careers.

Paired with exploration, strategy, and action, dreams help us achieve career success. These four components weave together like DNA, in countless combinations, to create a pathway for people to seek and do meaningful work.

In this episode, Dan relives his early career dreams. And his guest, Dr. Charles Glassman, recalls how well-meaning people in his teenage years tried talking him out of a medical career. Through sheer determination, he overcame average high school performance to become a well respected physician and social media’s “Coach MD.” Starts at 9:35

dreams inspire our future workSince recording the podcast interview in 2019, Dr. Glassman has retired from medical practice to become CEO of wellness start-up Victor. It is developing interactive tools to channel the mind and enable people to tap into their innate abilities.

Dan compares the weaving of the four career journey components to strands of DNA:

“When I established The Dan Smolen Experience at the beginning of 2018, I had in mind a career journey model that looked like strands of DNA, made up of countless combinations of four components. And while our DNA were pre-determined at conception, the strands of our career empowerment DNA are determined by us throughout our working lives.

We get to choose what they are.”

Whether a careerist is new to work, or embarking on a new career act, their dreams inspire future work.

About our guest:

Charles Glassman earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and his M.D. from New York Medical College. Dr. Glassman’s health and wellness start-up, Victor, is based in Pomona, New York.

EPISODE DATE: May 7, 2021

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