entrepreneurs need financial securityEntrepreneurs need financial security to scale business, but also have choices to do meaningful work.

And more broadly speaking, financial security plays a big role in the future of work.

Some entrepreneurs strive to scale take their start-ups public. But, more often than not, they are just people looking for autonomy to create products and services that solve vexing problems. And their pursuits typically take the form of side hustles.

Angela Anderson is a veteran wealth advisor who counsels entrepreneurs and other careerists to make sound money decisions.

With a process of thorough engagement that includes money therapy and other tools, Angela frees people to build wealth.  That allows them choices to enjoy a good retirement or for a second act career that may favor social purpose.

In this episode, Angela:

  • Introduces her company and the value that it provides her clients. Starts at 3:08
  • Explains the sports metaphor that conveys her unique value proposition. Starts at 4:18
  • Offers examples of what clients seek for financial security. Starts at 7:22
  • Describes the experience of working with people who may be career successful, but not financially sophisticated. Starts at 15:41
  • Recalls the money lessons she learned from her time in the Peace Corps. Starts at 21:58
  • Discusses how wealth building considerations factor for doing work with a purpose. Starts at 25:56

About our guest:

entrepreneurs need financial securityAngela Anderson earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Business and Spanish from Adams State University. She lives and works in Colorado.

EPISODE DATE: April 9, 2021

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