future of work to become presentWe revisit some amazing interviews with workplace futurists who helped the future of work to become present.

Astronishingly, 2020 ushered in massive changes in how and where we work.

Helping to us navigate the changes are these featured guests from The Dan Smolen Podcast:

Anne Driscoll and Chris Schultz: Launch Pad is their co-working community of first believers.

Anne and Chris, the married co-founders of Launch Pad., celebrate co-working by fostering a community of first believers. Starts at 2:04

Nellie Hayat: she leads workplace transformation at VergeSense.

Nellie, the Head of Workplace Transformation at VergeSense, helps companies and people get the most out of their workplaces, wherever they happen to be. Starts at 8:39

future of work to become presentDan Rosenzweig: he co-founded KettleSpace to offer co-working spaces with a sense of place.

Dan explains how KettleSpace benefits workforce professionals who need an inspiring place to meet others or do heads-down work. KettleSpace also helps the owners and operators of venues—like restaurants and hotels—fill their underutilized spaces with happy workforce professionals. Starts at 15:05

Marti Konstant: she drives the future of work agility mindset.

Marti conveys the importance of agility in the workplace. Especially as we exit the pandemic, agility will be mission-critical in the future of work. Start at 20:40

Darren Murph: he is the world’s first Head of Remote Work.

Darren, the Head of Remote Work at GitLab, recounts the joy of people who get to live and work for this 100 percent distributed workforce company wherever they choose. Starts at 26:29

In 2021, each of our guests helped the future of work to become present.

EPISODE DATE: April 2, 2021

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