start a side hustleOne big future of work trend has emerged as millions of us start a side hustle.

Side hustles and gig work are no longer a means to just earn critical income.

Instead, they’ve become how we develop new businesses and opportunities for truly meaningful work.

Twenty and thirty years ago, a career transition meant leaving one job to accept and start another. Oftentimes, our pivots to new work did not free us from a type of work that we no longer liked or filled us with purpose.

But now, in the midst of a booming maker movement, people of all backgrounds are starting side hustles.

No where is this future of work trend more apparent than in online venues like Etsy and Poshmark.

Marsha, my full-time gifted-educator wife, invests her evenings and weekends scaling a successful vintage clothing side hustle. What is more, she gains a wonderful and enriching sense of community from online engagement with other “Poshers” who arrived at their side hustles from various backgrounds. One of her colleagues is a Hollywood wardrobe supervisor; another is a full-time-mom, and yet another is a mortgage banker.

Side hustles provide people the time and space that they need to craft a great business and truly meaningful work.

And, in Marsha’s case, her side hustle will become her full-time job once she retires from public education.

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