hire a virtual assistantHire a virtual assistant to make the work that you do more impactful and meaningful.

That’s the key strategy of workforce professionals. As they settle into remote work, many of them will turn to virtual assistants for help on their key deliverables.

Despite so many misconceptions, virtual assistants are not glorified order-takers. Instead, they provide founders, CEOs, and solo-entreperenurs critical support in areas like social media management.

Virtual assistance company owner Kate Gable Bright delivers to her clients the sophisticated capabilities of big marketing services companies.

Often times, she launches multichannel marketing campaigns, fortifies sales pipelines, and bolsters her clients’ brands.

Kate’s background is impressive. For years, she led a successful experiential marketing agency. Then, during the pandemic, Kate decided the time was right for her to apply her considerable talents as a virtual assistance brand, extending project management expertise to a wide range of professional clients.

When we hire a virtual assistant, we become successful in ways previously attainable by working in big companies.

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Image credits: Kate Gable Bright portrait, Monika O’Deegan; Podcast button, J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.