find a great space to workMore choices are leading workforce professionals to find a great space to work.

Pandemic lockdowns moved people used to working in co-located office space to remote locations.

Many now enjoy the freedom to work from home or remotely. Others, however, yearn for a sense of community. And, it’s motivated these workers to escape their limited residential square footage to find a great space to work.

There are many excellent resources in the co-working space. And two among them provide people a sense of community and purpose.

On The Dan Smolen Podcast, we met Dan Rosenzweig who is co-founder of KettleSpace. This co-working space brand connects people with novel venues to explore, to engage others or do heads-down work. KettleSpace contracts with dazzling big city venues like restaurants and hotel lobbies.

We also met Anne Driscoll and Chris Schultz. Their co-working play is Launch Pad. Established in some of America’s mid-sized cities, Launch Pad fosters a community of “first believers.”

First believers help each other overcome the stresses and strains of scaling start-up businesses.

What is abundantly clear in the future of work is that people working anywhere can succeed brilliantly. And when we make co-working options available to all who want them, our best days lie ahead.

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Image credits: People pose in coworking space, Launch Pad; Podcast button, J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.