the year in future of work gear2020 was the year for future of work gear.

Greetings from the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia. Though it lies just 25 miles to the east of my home, I have not been to our Nation’s Capital in well over a year.

D.C. is a wonderful place. And yet my adopted city no longer plays a prominent role in my work life.

After investing in technology (gear) during the pandemic, I thrive doing work in the 1,200 square feet that I share with my wife, daughter, and two dogs.

The year in future of work gear rendered me fully operational wherever I happen to be.

I love gear for blogs and podcasts. And I am hoping to produce a future of work gear podcast during 2021. In anticipation of a gear episode, I take this opportunity to share things that I bought to make my remote work experience truly amazing.

Here are the five future of work gear gets that render me happy and productive:

  • Shure 215 Ear Monitors. When I started interviewing podcast guests over Zoom, I wore big “can style” headphones. They worked well, but were unsightly. By contrast, my new Shure 215s nest comfortably within each ear and the wires connecting them to my laptop wrap nicely around the back of the neck, so neither my guests nor my YouTube viewers know that I am wearing monitors. Sweet! Average retail price: $99 USD
  • Shure MV88 Microphone. This beauty arrived in early January 2020. I plug it into the lightning port of my iPhone to capture voice and ambient sounds for my podcast. Average retail price: $149 USD
  • Viltrox 116T LED Light Panel. Lighting for Zoom sessions is critical. And this book-sized light panel provides lots of “candle power” to make my Zoom room pop. What is more, my wife uses it to photograph vintage clothing for her online stores. Average retail price: $37.50 USD
  • iPhone 12 Pro. I avoided an upgrade from my iPhone 7 for way too long. The battery in it was prone to overheating and failure. Now, I can do practically any work function on the go on my iPhone 12 Pro that I used to do solely at my desk. 5G service is phenomenal. And camera capabilities are amazing! Retail price starting at $999 USD

My last future of work gear “get” is not technological, so to speak.

But it is my favorite gear acquisition. My family and I replaced our way-too-big-for-apartment sofa seating with sectionals from LoveSac. This company aligns furniture form and function brilliantly. And each seating unit we ordered arrived with ample concealed storage space. As we learned on the podcast from guest Interior Designer Leah Margolis, concealed storage is a work from home driver.

We want to know your “gear gets.” Drop us a comment below. We may use your favorites in a future podcast episode.

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Image credits: Shure 215 ear monitors, The Dan Smolen Experience, LLC; Podcast button, J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.