create intentional home office spaceAs we begin February 2021, the drive to create intentional home office space abounds.

On February 5th’s podcast episode, we explore interior design for people who work from home. Our guest, Leah Margolis of Leah Margolis Design, creates intentional home office space for her clients.

The pandemic upended our notion of work. And, once Covid restrictions ease, millions of us will choose to live and work from home permanently.

What is more, our reimagined living spaces will serve the needs of multiple occupants: spouses, partners, and roommates, and, children required to do remote classroom instruction.

And, as Leah describes it, the reimagined home office set up doesn’t need a lot of square footage. However, it does need to be Zoom-ready. Many of Leah’s clients require hideaways for printers, files and other unsightly things to render their Zoom experience visually pleasing.

Form and function. They drive interior design.

In 2021, the drive to create intentional space will challenge interior design professionals like Leah Margolis to create home offices that balance form and function in entirely new ways.

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Image credits: Intentional Work Space, Modsy Blog; Podcast button, J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.