volunteer programs benefit careers

Volunteer programs benefit careers and extend corporate social responsibility.

As the CEO of Realized Worth, Angela Parker leads an organization that inspires professionals at AT&T, Deloitte, Microsoft, Walmart and other companies with meaningful volunteer program engagements.

“Volunteering can be a safe and non-threatening space where we encounter our own humanity.”

Nearly one year separated from workplace colleagues, people who work are seeking involvement in meaningful leadership opportunities. Oftentimes, volunteerism gets them there.

In this episode, Angela describes:

  • Realized Worth’s unique value proposition and mission. Starts at 2:22
  • How the pandemic changed volunteerism. Starts at 4:14
  • The role of skill in driving volunteer programs. Starts at 7:14
  • Ways that volunteerism helps to retain workforce members. Starts at 11:03
  • Stakeholder value and how it drives corporate social responsibility. Starts at 17:07

volunteer programs benefit careersWhen envisioned and executed well, volunteer programs benefit careers and make work and lives meaningful.

“We have to do volunteering better. We have to assume that companies that have corporate volunteering programs [must be] driving social movements with these programs. Anything less is not good enough.”

About our guest:

Angela Parker is a nationally recognized thought-leader in corporate volunteerism. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media Studies from Taylor University and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies from IE University. Angela lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland.

EPISODE DATE: January 22, 2021

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