Future of work podcaster Dan Smolen introduces his podcast app.

As we wrote last month:

In early March 2020, when I attended Podfest in Orlando, Florida, I learned that over 850,000 active podcasts existed. Interestingly, Podfest was my last out-of-town adventure before the pandemic lockdowns ensued; during the spring and summer, new podcasts launched from the creative minds of people who had lots more free time to express themselves.

By October 2020, over 1.5 million podcasts streamed more than 34 million episodes of content.

Podcasters work hard to drive great and compelling content. They also strive to deliver content wherever people get podcasts.

We think listening to The Dan Smolen Podcast should be easy to do. That’s why we partnered with podcast app developer Swiftic to create our FREE podcast app (beta).

The app is exclusive to the Apple iOS. If you have an iPhone, just follow these easy steps.

1. Open the App Store and search for Dan Smolen.

Dan Smolen Introduces Podcast App

2. Click and download the Dan Smolen app to your iPhone. Again, it’s FREE.

Dan Smolen Introduces Podcast App

3. Explore the app and start listening.

Dan Smolen Introduces Podcast AppDan Smolen Introduces Podcast App

Mind you, the app (beta) is not perfect. It is, by design, a work in progress.

However, Swiftic is working hard to improve the integration with our podcast. And, we are willing to give them the time that they require to do that.

Dan Smolen introduces the podcast app to provide simplicity and one-click access to our latest episodes.

Happy listening!!!

Image credits: Apple App Store screen grabs, The Dan Smolen Experience.

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