career coaching empowers professionalsFollowing a year of workforce disruption, career coaching empowers professionals to succeed in life and work.

Rich Gee is arguably one of the-most successful career coaches in the United States.

As principal the of Rich Gee High Performance Coaching, he empowers professionals to improve their on-the-job results and career outcomes.

Incidentally, when he encounters clients for the first time, Rich asks a bold question:

“[There are] people who make things happen. And there are people who watch things happen. And there are people who wonder what happened. Who are you going to be in 2021?”

In this episode, Rich:

  • Tees up his company and the value provided to clients. Starts at 2:18
  • Describes the high-performers he coaches. Starts at 3:47
  • Speaks to the mental and emotional constrains of the pandemic on people who work. Starts at 8:31
  • Discusses the pivot to remote or hybrid workplaces and how he gets “old school” hiring managers to support them. Starts at 14:24
  • Embraces the four-day work week. Starts at 23:22
  • Touts the benefits of gig work and sole-proprietorship. Starts at 28:56

Why does career coaching empower workforce professionals? According to Rich, it is because “they are one bad decision away from losing [their] job.”

Emerging from the pandemic, people who work need sound strategy to succeed. In 2021, more of them will recognize that career coaching empowers professionals.

About our guest:

career coaching empowers professionalsRich Gee was a successful executive in the market research space before finding his bliss as a nationally recognized career coach and principal of Rich Gee High Performance Coaching. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Ripon College and certification from Coach University. Rich lives and works in Stamford, Connecticut.

EPISODE DATE: January 15, 2021

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