unleash the remote workforceDarren Murph works to unleash the remote workforce.

As GitLab’s Director of Remote Work, Darren is “the voice in the room” that evangelizes the trailblazing company’s remote work operating model.

What is more, he authored The GitLab Remote Work Playbook, which over 80,000 people around the globe have downloaded.

As 2021 unfolds, positive forces of change will unleash the remote workforce.

Those forces will enable millions of people to live and work wherever they please. And in doing so, they will support happier professionals who enjoy doing work that is part of the day and not the day.

To unleash the remote workforce is central to GitLab’s mission.

In this episode, Darren describes:

  • GitLab and his role as Director of Remote Work. Starts at 2:26
  • Why GitLab is a 100 percent distributed (remote) workforce. Starts at 4:27
  • How he and the company found each other and his role materialized. Starts at 6:07
  • Opportunities and challenges inherent in framing a remote work value proposition for recruited talent. Starts at 7:28
  • The revolutionary aspects of living and working anywhere. Starts at 14:02
  • Reengineering relocation to places where people want to live and work. Starts at 26:44
  • The localistic benefits of livable communities unleashed when remote work is encouraged. Starts at 30:34

Amazing outcomes happen when you unleash the remote workforce. Darren says:

“For hundreds of years, we have fit life around the rigid confines of work. But, when you achieve remote work at scale, you can live your life and then fit work into it.”

About our guest:

unleash the remote workforceQuite possibly, Darren Murph is the world’s first Director of Remote Work. He received a Bachelor of Science in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management from NC State and an MBA from Campbell University. He lives and works remotely in North Carolina.

EPISODE DATE: January 8, 2021

Social media:

Darren Murph on LinkedIn

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Living the Remote Dream (Amazon.com book page)

– GitLab Website

The GitLab Remote Playbook

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