In 2021, you can work in paradise.

you can work in paradiseNo industries suffered more in 2020 than tourism and hospitality. Places like the island nation of Aruba saw a vast majority of their people, who work in tourism and hospitality jobs, furloughed or laid off. As the pandemic lockdowns began in March, the painful impacts on the Aruban economy hit swiftly and severely.

And yet, this one happy island reimagined itself for tourists to work in paradise.

Earlier this year, Aruba offered temporary visas to people to stay on the island for an extended period of time. The arrangement’s benefits were numerous: Americans and other foreign nationals helped revitalize the Aruban economy and people. Those temporary expatriates bought all kinds of goods and services they needed to live and work there.

Several times zones to the west of Aruba, Hawaii enticed American mainlanders to work in paradise. Their remote work program called Movers and Shakas, now closed out, offered numerous incentives including free flights.

Traditional tourist destinations such as these will likely continue and expand work in paradise programs to support their people and economies.

Given the opportunity, would you work in paradise?

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Image credits: Aruba, Dan Smolen; Podcast button, J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.