2020 was the year to listen to podcasts.

listen to podcasts

In early March 2020, when I attended Podfest in Orlando, Florida, I learned that over 850,000 active podcasts existed. Interestingly, Podfest was my last out-of-town adventure before the pandemic lockdowns ensued; during the spring and summer, new podcasts launched from the creative minds of people who had lots more free time to express themselves.

By October 2020, over 1.5 million podcasts streamed more than 34 million episodes of content.

Of course, I always seek new listeners for The Dan Smolen Podcast. But as a podcaster, I serve as an ambassador for podcasting. Thus, I encourage people to listen to the podcasts that they enjoy most.

Imagine a topic, any topic. Chances are high that there is an active podcast covering it.

In 2021, we will explore new topics on The Dan Smolen podcast, to make your future of work journey to meaningful work useful and enjoyable. Our listeners subscribe to us on all of the top podcasting platforms like Apple Podcast, Pandora, Spotify, and Stitcher. What is more, we will soon debut The Dan Smolen Podcast App in the Apple App Store. With one touch on your iPhone or iPad screen, you will gain access to all of our episodes for easy listening. This free app is coming soon and we could not be more excited! Watch and listen for app launch details, coming soon.

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