In 2021, join career professional communities.

join career professional communitiesThey will benefit people like you who are seeking ways to earn a living in the future of work.

One new community called Overflow aims to help independent marketing, branding, and strategy consultants. Members can scale their businesses while they gain access to resources normally available to only the biggest of companies. From the Overflow website:

“In a gig economy environment, independent consultants are often commoditized by freelance marketplaces, and this devalues the expertise and experience of strategists and creatives.”

According to CEO and co-founder Laura Marella, Overflow will enable independent work and achievement through insights, a marketplace, and a talent collective where likeminded people may collaborate and benefit from each other’s expertise.

Ten or twenty years ago, the value of experience provided by an industry group often felt limited. A member may have spent thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to attend their seminars and conferences, only to hear things that they already knew or practiced. To that end, the business model of industry groups benefitted the group, not necessarily its members and attendees. Over time, the currency of industry groups in the professional marketplace waned.

That’s why Overflow and other new career professional communities like it are so revolutionary; they benefit members with actionable insight, phenomenal resources, and one-on-one engagement.

In the future of work, more professionals will strike out on their own, directly offering their talent and expertise to clients in need. Destinations like Overflow will help usher in workforce transformation so that more people who operate independently can live well and do the meaningful work of their dreams.

If you recognize the value of membership, then now may be the time for you to join career professional communities.

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