In 2021, you can become a maker.

become a makerOne of the-most breathtaking developments of the 2020 Pandemic happened when millions of people who sheltered in place at home joined the maker movement.

Makers are people who use their creative talents to manufacture a dazzling variety of specialized goods. Some craft personal protection equipment or PPE for front-line workers while others make custom home furnishings and fashion items most desired by consumers.

Two force-multipliers in the maker movement during 2020 were online sellers like Etsy and Poshmark.

My wife Marsha, who is a full-time educator currently working remotely, makes and sells specialty merchandise on both of these sites. What she enjoys most is the guild, the professional craft community that they provide her. Makers on Poshmark, who call themselves Poshers, gather frequently over Zoom to discuss their latest successes and challenges. Poshers apply the insight they receive from their colleagues in Zoom sessions to reward their own customers with the best products and experiences.

Marsha enjoys the camaraderie of the Zoom sessions. Sometimes they become useful check-ins to see how everyone is doing; the discussions often turn raw and personal with some participants describing their own difficult experiences with losing a full-time job or the sudden illnesses and loss of loved ones to Covid.

Perhaps now is your time to become a maker?

In 2020, makers changed the face of manufacturing and retail. What is more, makers are impacting a future of work doing meaningful work.

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