Has COVID Killed Big City Offices

With less than 20 percent of full-time workers returning to traditional workplaces, we wonder: has COVID killed big city offices?

Today, in the Wall Street Journal, comes word that occupancy rates have indeed crumbled. Now, as the biggest wave of COVID outbreaks hits, security company Kastle Systems reports that less than 18 percent of the American workforce has returned to the office. 

Has COVID Killed Big City Offices?

It seems likely that concerns over COVID spread, and a grand pivot to remote work, have impacted how and where we work.

The grand future of work vision most foreseen had us boarding mass transit to do work at big city office properties. But, in the wake of the pandemic, shifts to remote work done in the suburbs or at home will likely cause a huge drop in urban work and residential populations.

Our future of work will play out in remote office setups. And businesses best positioned to benefit will embrace work done online, or close to where we live.

As reported by the New York Times,” [President-elect] Biden’s picks for his economic team showcase a focus on workers.” And, we hope that that is true. During October 2020, Pew Research indicated that 42 percent of US households include a member who lost a job or took a pay cut.

Has COVID killed big city offices? Time will tell.

Most important, is something we do know: our workforce is in a word of hurt. And our response to the hurt must be to help workers to thrive doing meaningful work.

Despite these tough times, we still believe that our best days lie ahead.

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