create hybrid workplace presenceWorkforce expert Adrienne Shoch joins the podcast to encourage us to create hybrid workplace presence.

“[We are] constantly helping people get comfortable with certainty. It likes the same thing. It likes routines and all kinds of things. And, we don’t live like that, anymore.”

Adrienne Shoch of five to one in Washington, D.C. is a brilliant thought-leader in workforce and the future of work.

A frequent guest, she returns to The Dan Smolen Podcast to help us make the hybrid workplace model, that splits time between home and traditional office settings, more meaningful. To that end, Adrienne wants us all to create hybrid workplace presence. When we do that, we will get more out of our work experience.

Actually, we will thrive.

In this episode, Adrienne discusses:

  • Key insights of clients who have migrated to hybrid workplaces. Starts at 2:20
  • Steps that hiring managers and people take to make hybrid successful and enabling of presence. Starts at 6:20
  • How people may be paired with others to work remotely or at the office. Starts at 13:24
  • Helping people thrive where and when they want to work. Starts at 19:59

Adrienne gets to “why” we should create hybrid workforce presence:

create hybrid workplace presence“So the game is, the trick is, to help people get comfortable with uncertainty. It is not about being agile or resilient; it is about being adaptive. And that takes different skills and intentions.”

About our guest:

Adrienne Shoch is the founder of five to one and an expert on workforce engagement. She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Towson University and studied at University of Paris – Sorbonne, and, the Neuroleadership Institute. She lives and works in Washington, D.C.

EPISODE DATE: October 30, 2020

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