Workforce thought-leader Dan Smolen believes that the future of work is in hybrid work.

This week, we dig into fresh workforce market research sponsored by Owl Labs and Global Workplace Analytics. Their study provides a snapshot of a post-COVID workforce that splits its time between home and office.

future of work in hybrid work“Now, as millions of people return to the office, they recognize that the office-only workplace has become a relic of the past. With more offices resuming operation, four out of every five [of their full-time workers] will pivot to hybrid work.”

Survey findings:

  • 70 percent of full-time employees worked from home during the pandemic
  • workers on average saved $473 per month in out-of-pocket expenses for commuting and other needs
  • 20 percent of those working from home clocked more hours than they had in the office
  • 77 percent indicated that a post-pandemic work-from-home option would make them happier
  • about half of respondents have increased their use of Zoom and other conferencing tools
  • working from home added on average 40 minutes to the day that had been used for commuting

future of work in hybrid workKEY FINDING: 80 percent of full-time workers said that they expect to work 3 times a week from home, 2 times a week at the office

Clearly, the future of work is in hybrid work. And the ramifications of the shift in how we work, and where we work, will hasten sudden and seismic shifts throughout the economy, infrastructure, and workforce.

“The future will involve constant pivots and reassessments. And we will need to real-time reimagine a future of work doing meaningful work.”

EPISODE DATE: October 16, 2020

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Image credits: Future of work in hybrid work, martin-dm for iStock Photo; Podcast recording session, 10/14/2020, Dan Smolen