Rebranding as The Dan Smolen PodcastOur rebranding as The Dan Smolen Podcast happened when our former brand, The Tightrope, suffered massive audience erosion.

Our reversal of fortune made no sense. The Tightrope Podcast experienced substantial audience scale-up through 2020’s spring and summer months. All seemed fine.

However, during late spring, noted academic and social commentator, Dr. Cornel West, launched his “The Tight Rope Podcast.”  Empowered by a 750,000-follower social media audience, Dr. West’s promotions diverted our listeners and prospects to his podcast.

My discovery rattled me. As I mentioned in yesterday’s podcast episode, [it felt as if] I’d experienced all of Elisabeth Kübler-RossFive Stages of Grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—all at once.

Two courses of action presented: either spend thousands of dollars in web and social media advertising to support my podcast called The Tightrope, or, stage a re-brand. I chose the latter course.

So, on the morning of October 2, 2020, I went all-in on rebranding my podcast to The Dan Smolen Podcast.

My decision was supported by my knowledge that many prospects found my podcast by Googling “Dan Smolen Podcast,” and, I had earned the distinction as a nationally recognized thought-leader in the future of work and meaningful work.

Rebranding as The Dan Smolen PodcastOur brilliant graphic designer and visual-storyteller Michael Brandt responded quickly with a podcast cover art re-do. It incorporates the “explorer with a spyglass” visual that Michael rendered last year for The Dan Smolen Experience. The new cover art or button is dazzling; it pops from the screen.

Reaction to our sudden rebranding to The Dan Smolen Podcast has been universally positive. Our guest and future of work thought-leader Denise Brouder of SWAYworkplace said that our pivot fully demonstrated what we all must do in a future of work, to offset threats and seize sudden opportunities. Thank you, Denise!

The Dan Smolen Podcast will serve to “real-time reimagine” a future of work doing meaningful work.

In the weeks and months to come, we will help empower listeners to thrive while working from home, or straddling a hybrid work experience. We are excited by what the future holds. And we hope you will join us, every week, on this journey.

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Our best days lie ahead.

DAN SMOLEN is founder of The Dan Smolen Experience, LLC. He is also the executive producer and host of The Dan Smolen Podcast.  Please comment here to let us know how we are doing, and, to offer suggestions for future guests and topics. Also, please catch up with our past blog posts, like this one and this one.  

Image credits: Before the podcast mic, Dan Smolen; The Dan Smolen Podcast cover art, Michael Brandt/J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.