We asked SWAYworkplace founder Denise Broudercan work and health coexist? Her answer surprised us.

“I truly believe that work [as a medium] is the purest way, and perhaps the only way, to think about actually discovering health.”

can work and health coexistA former financial industry executive, Denise discovered first-hand the unhealthful aspects of work.

Her high stress career, and the needs of her young and growing family, made Denise realize that people often suffer ill health from the work that they do.

That experience inspired her to found SWAYworkplace; it is a professional community and career platform that enables people to succeed in work at flexible workplaces.

Growing up on the western coast of Ireland, Denise adopted a strong Irish work-ethic.

Driven by talent and ambition, she got an executive-level job on Wall Street working for a premier financial services company. In striving to do her job well, and balance the work and non-work parts of her day, Denise embarked on a quest to make work healthy for herself and millions of other people in the American workforce.

Denise nails it: work and health can indeed coexist.

Discover Denise’s story, HERE.

Our best days lie ahead.

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Image credits: Stretching worker, Andrey Popov for iStock Photo.