food justice and the future of workA great way to act on your meaningful work pursuits is to become a food justice advocate.

Working from home during the pandemic provides a golden opportunity to try a meaningful side hustle. Gigs and other non-traditional work opportunities can get you easily to meaningful work, especially if your day job lacks meaningful work attributes.

become a food justice advocateOur recent podcast guest Maurice Small believes one golden opportunity for meaningful work is in food justice. Maurice says:

“We have to begin to plant orchards in our cities. We have to begin to train each other on how to graft and cross-pollinate plants so we can have food. We have to do these things, because [if we don’t] we’re going to end up extinct.”

Maurice is a nationally recognized regenerative farmer and social entrepreneur who helps people to find and do meaningful work in regenerative farming.

Inspired by his leadership, people learn how to feed themselves and others with nutritious, locally grown food. Discover Maurice Small’s mission for you to become a food justice advocate. Listen to  our recent podcast episode, HERE.

Our best days lie ahead.

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Image credits: Cherry tomatoes, Maurice Small; portrait, Maurice Small.