Maurice Small supports food justice and the future of work.

food justice and the future of work

“We have to begin to plant orchards in our cities. We have to begin to train each other on how to graft and cross-pollinate plants so we can have food. We have to do these things, because [if we don’t] we’re going to end up extinct.”

Maurice is a nationally recognized regenerative farmer and social entrepreneur who helps people to find and do meaningful work in regenerative farming.

Inspired by his leadership, people learn how to feed themselves and others with nutritious, locally grown food.

What is more, Maurice connects people to work that is profound, protects the planet, empowers people, and is fun to do—meaningful work.

But what inspires him most is furthering the cause of food justice and the future of work. He wants people to eat well, eat local, and ensure that their communities thrive.

food justice and the future of workIn this episode, Maurice discusses:

“Food justice means that we all eat, and we all eat well.”

About our guest:

Maurice Small has cultivated a national following for sustainable agriculture and healthy lifestyles in underserved communities. He collaborates with stakeholders in government, business, academia, and community to help people eat and live well. His company, Small Enterprises, and his farm are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

EPISODE DATE: August 28, 2020

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Image credits: Gardening with Intern, Maurice Small; Portrait, Maurice Small; Cherry tomatoes, Maurice Small.

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