work successfully from home

An inflection point in the future of work has emerged. More of us will work successfully from home. And as our guests on The Tightrope Podcast note, employing sound strategy is key.

Time management is mission critical.

Entrepreneur and host of the e-tribe podcast Isar Meitis makes time management the center of his work from home success story. Isar uses Google Calendar and Trello to manage his daily tasks. According to him, every meeting is treated like time with a CEO; nothing moves a meeting from the calendar. More from Isar:

Onboarding takes on new importance when working from home.

George Bradt of Prime Genesis invented onboarding, the process that brings new people into a company successfully. George says that onboarding is adapting to the Work From Home Era. Senior leadership working from home must still be present in their team members’ day. He also thinks that, as states ease their stay-at-home orders, 20 to 25 percent of the workforce will work from home. Pre-pandemic, the share of at home workers was 9 percent. That’s seismic change.

Here, George discusses that change in workforce composition:

Online “presence” is essential.

Workforce expert Adrienne Shoch of five to one recognizes that Zoom informs the workday. As such, she counsels her clients to achieve “presence” in the Zoom Room. This means adjusting one’s distance from the camera to best approximate a real face-to-face meeting. It also means being sensitive and receptive to non-verbal cues and soft skills. Adrienne believes that Zoom can be used effectively in the Work From Home Era.

Here is more from Adrienne:

Our best days lie ahead.

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