2020 is less than half complete. And yet, an important inflection point in the future of work has boldly emerged:

A growing number of companies and organizations are engaging their former hires, such as retirees and furloughed workers. Their alumni communities build skill and lend their cast-offs critical support.

alumni communities build skillLeading the charge with this impressive future of work pivot is James Sinclair, the Chief Executive of EnterpriseAlumni. According to James, hiring managers win big when they set up an alumni community platform. Cast-off talent develop new skills that they can use to find a new job. What is more, alumni communities provide support that allows hiring managers to draw back alumni when new positions open.

Most professionals would jump at the chance to rejoin the company or organization that furloughed them.

And for hiring managers, bringing back prized people helps the talent do the meaningful work of their dreams.

To learn more, meet James Sinclair on this Tightrope Podcast EXTRA episode on YouTube:

In the pre-pandemic age, a job furlough meant a permanent severance.

Now with alumni communities, James says that former workers “find their tribe” and use that lifelong association to help them do meaningful work. And with that, perhaps the biggest paradigm shift of the past 40 years in business comes to fruition: great companies’ and organizations’ alumni communities build skill to honor and support their people, first.

Our best days lie ahead.

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Image credits: Professional with a tablet, iStock Photo; James Sinclair, June 12, 2020, The Tightrope with Dan Smolen Podcast EXTRA on YouTube.