About this episode:

“One of the things that [companies] haven’t done that we start to see is tell you ‘Hey, take a moment and take stock of your life. Where are you? Where do you want to be? And, how do we help you get there?'”

-James Sinclair, Chief Executive of EnterpriseAlumni

In 2020, a major inflection point in the future of work has emerged.

Forward thinking companies that furloughed large numbers of workers are using alumni communities to engage their cast-offs through skill development, help finding work at other companies, and offers to return to the fold in new full-time employee or independent contract roles.

Leading this alumni community and meaningful work revolution is James Sinclair.

His company, EnterpriseAlumni, enables managers to communicate with their former employees in meaningful ways, keep the lifetime value of talent investment strong, and, to help their former workers build lives doing meaningful work.

In this episode, James describes:

  • The value proposition of alumni communities. Starts at 2:31
  • Benefits associated with engaging former company workers. Starts at 3:31
  • How the riots happening across the US are driving corporate social impact. Starts at 11:11
  • Two interview questions managers are now asking hired talent. Starts at 17:38
  • The benefits of an agile workforce. Starts at 26:50
  • How to achieve meaningful work. Starts at 36:34

About our guest:

James Sinclair is the Chief Executive & Co-Founder of EnterpriseAlumni. James’ background is in large enterprise innovation. He worked for companies including IBM, SAP & EDS. Outside of his day job, he contributes to media on future of work, large enterprise innovation, and entrepreneurship topics. James lives and works in Southern California. 

EPISODE DATE: June 12, 2020

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Media credits: Former worker facing Zoom screen, fizkes for iStock Photo; James Sinclair portrait, EnterpriseAlumni.

Note: in the intro, we regretfully referred to the current events as “riots.” That was unintentional and we regret the error.

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