Homes and Hops: a realtor becomes the ambassador for her city’s craft brewers.

About this episode:

Studies have shown that [craft] breweries have a positive impact on residential real estate sales. And over the past 5 years, we’ve had several breweries pop up in our area.”

-Lisa Resnick, Realtor, Craft Brewers Ambassador, and Host of Homes and Hops Podcast

It’s the first week of June 2020 and, across the country, local businesses are reemerging to service a public that’s been homebound since early March.

In Youngstown, Ohio, local businesses—especially breweries—are eager to reengage with customers, even with social distancing requirements.

Meet Lisa Resnick: she is an ambassador to Youngstown, someone who tells the stories of craft brewers and the sense of place they create for people in the community.

Lisa is a Realtor for residential properties and the host and executive producer of Homes and Hops, a phenomenal podcast about the fast-emerging craft brewing scene in the city.

Back when she was a kid, Lisa dreamt about becoming a courtroom judge. Then, out of college, she produced direct mail campaigns for political candidates. When a recession hit, Lisa pivoted to real estate and a career that truly suits her passions. Moving back with her family to her native Youngstown, Lisa discovered that she could be an effective ambassador for Youngstown and its craft brewers. And that is how Homes and Hops got its start.

In this episode, Lisa describes:

  • Childhood dreams of becoming a courtroom judge and early jobs supporting political campaigns. Starts at 2:58
  • Her successful pivot into real estate. Starts at 5:38
  • How Homes and Hops got started and Youngtown’s amazing renaissance. Starts at 22:49
  • Being an ambassador for her community. Starts at 28:47
  • Her philosophy for pursuing meaningful work and for living in a place like Youngstown. Starts at 36:05

About our guest:

Lisa Resnick earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government from Youngstown State University. She is a Realtor with Burgan Real Estate and the Host and Executive Producer of Homes and Hops. Lisa and her family reside in the Youngstown, Ohio area.

EPISODE DATE: June 5, 2020

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Media Credits: Craft ale on tap, zozzzzo for iStock Photo; Lisa Resnick Portrait, Homes and Hops.

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