Pandemic affected Aruba seeks aid for its impacted workforce.

About the episode:

pandemic affected Aruba seeks aid“You cannot create a diverse economy and just put it on every island. What you need to make sure is that you understand the USPs—the Unique Selling Points—of an island, not only for tourism, but also for what is going on in nature, the availability of technology, and the self sustaining options on the island.”

– Bianca Peters, Island Impact

People who work in American tourism and hospitality jobs are truly suffering, because their industries shut down in the wake of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. They are bound to wonder not only when, but if, they will return to work.

Such fear is magnified on islands like Aruba, where most members of the workforce rely on tourism and hospitality.

pandemic affected Aruba seeks aidPandemic affected Aruba seeks aid. Some on the island nation are running out of money; they are hungry, and need shelter.

Among the bold civic leaders on the island are Daniel Tecklenborg of CEDE Aruba and Bianca Peters of Island Impact. Daniel is working hard to feed and provide shelter to thousands of in-need Arubans; Bianca is helping to shape the post-COVID vision for a diversified economy and sustainable workforce.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The current mood, and state of well-being, of Arubans. Starts at 3:05
  • CEDE Aruba’s role in feeding and supporting people in need. Starts at 5:03
  • The Happy to Give Back crowd funding program. Starts at 8:41
  • The future of work on Aruba. Starts at 20:21

About our guests:

Daniel Tecklenborg is the Director of CEDE Aruba.

Bianca Peterspandemic affected Aruba seeks aid is the Founding Partner of Island Impact. She earned a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management & Facilities Management from Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

EPISODE DATE: April 24, 2020

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