A personal story: timing is everything. It is!

Greetings from the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

personal story timing is everythingEarlier this week, I appeared on my colleague Dan Moyle’s podcast, The Storyteller’s Network, to discuss my personal relationship with storytelling. It is a skill that figured prominently in my work as an executive recruiter and now as a podcaster focused on building the future of work with meaningful work.

At the end of the episode, Dan asked me to tell a personal story.

I mentioned to him that I had planned to describe how my wife and I adopted our daughter to become a family. But one hour before the recording session started, I stumbled upon a story on the Triple Pundit website which announced that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee would furnish athletes’ quarters with beds constructed entirely out of corrugated paper products.*

And that’s when I pivoted.

Instead, the story that I shared with Dan Moyle and his listeners was an entirely different one. It was about how timing is everything. And it was a loving hat-tip to my late father, Arnie Smolen, whose home furnishing ideas were innovative and brilliant, but his timing for them was 40 years too soon.

Please listen to my story here. It is only 5 minutes, 30 seconds in length:

Two weeks ago, I predicted 5 things bound to go away in the future of work; last week, I predicted 5 things that would change.

This week, I describe the one thing that, in the future of work, I know won’t change and that is the importance of timing. Great ideas pop up in our heads all the time. But, it is their execution, fortuitously timed, that makes them truly great.

When we invent and innovate brilliantly, we help scale the economy and support the future of work. And when that happens our best days lie ahead.

*The story I shared on The Storyteller’s Network was recorded six weeks before the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee postponed the summer games to 2021.

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