Tribal lessons for work from the e-tribe’s founder: working from home can be successful and rewarding.

About this episode: 

tribal lessons for work“In my core, I’m a teacher. If there was a great way to make a living as a teacher, I’d be a teacher. I thrive when I teach.”

– Isar Meitis, Founder of the e-tribe

As of this episode, we are in Week 4 of sharing time, broadband, and square footage with loved ones and other household members. Work before the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis was tough enough; now, all of us struggle to make telework successful and rewarding. To that end, our podcast guest Isar Meitis offers sage advice.

As a former fighter pilot-turned business executive and start-up entrepreneur, Isar developed expertise in time, stress, and work/life management.

With a deep passion for teaching and empowering people, Isar demonstrates how we can manage our time and telework priorities and still be attentive parents, family members, and friends.

tribal lessons for workInformed by tribal lessons for work, Isar describes:

  • Lifelong lessons he learned as an F-16 fighter pilot. Starts at 2:24
  • His pivot into executive work and start-up entrepreneurship. Starts at 8:34
  • The company Tourico Holidays and the academy he helped create to ensure success with people working remotely around the world. Starts at 11:19
  • The e-tribe and its mission to help people become successful. Starts at 17:20
  • His time-management best practices. Starts at 24:48
  • How we all can explore and do meaningful work. Starts at 38:59

Useful hack: Isar uses the free Trello app to fulfill his project and time management needs.

About our guest:

Isar Meitis graduated from the IAF Flight School and earned a Masters in Business Administration from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College. He lives and works in Orlando, Florida.

EPISODE DATE: April 10, 2020

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