Virtual Professionalism: The Future of Work’s Key Learning Component

About this episode:

virtual professionalism“Not only are we at an inflection point, what [it feels like to me] is an acceleration of catch-up, because the world is moving in this direction, anyway.”

– Adrienne Shoch, Workforce Engagement Expert

In this episode, we build on the key learning provided by Carla Fleming of Pivoting Strategies, LLC. Carla uses time-management hacks to make remote-office work productive and successful.

virtual professionalismWorkforce engagement expert Adrienne Shoch, of 5 to 1 Consulting, builds on those best-practices. In this episode, she takes listeners through a crash course in  virtual professionalism.

Virtual professionalism: it’s all about being present.

Adrienne discusses how we can match our new-found skill using Zoom, Skype, Webex, and other platforms, to be more present with, and gain more understanding from, co-workers. And that is important, because we all are confined to their homes, because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.


  • Expands on the inflection point and the acceleration of “catch-up.” Starts at 2:22
  • Describes generative listening and its importance. Starts at 5:57
  • Offers how to use virtual professionalism skills when interviewing for a job. 12:30
  • Elaborates on the importance of intent in the virtual meeting setting 17:14
  • Relates to the value of time in virtual professionalism 23:14

About our guest:

Adrienne Shoch is the founder of 5 to 1 Consulting. She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Towson University and studied at University of Paris – Sorbonne, and, the Neuroleadership Institute. Adrienne lives and works in Washington, D.C.

EPISODE DATE: April 3, 2020

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