Our sudden shift to social-distancing and tele-work has left some of us in a twitchy DEFCON-1 state of being. We may find ourselves breathless, or worse, feeling as if our autonomic nervous systems are operating in full fight-or-flight response mode.

When the stress hormones overflow, we get sick. But when we allow ourselves good breathing, wellness and mindfulness follow.

Look on your wrist. Do you see an Apple Watch? If you do, then you are just one finger-touch away from starting Apple’s Breathe App. If not, you can access excellent breathing apps such as Calm in the Apple Store or other channels.

Before starting a podcast recording session, I run my Apple Breathe app. Doing so calms me down, gets me focused, and puts me in a mindful place for an enjoyable guest interview experience.

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DAN SMOLEN is founder of The Dan Smolen Experience, LLC. He is also the executive producer and host of The Tightrope Meaningful Work Podcast.  Please comment here to let us know how we are doing, and, to offer suggestions for future guests and topics.

Media credits: Man breathing, iStock photo; Apple Watch Breathe App, Dan Smolen.