Greetings from Orlando!

I’ve just finished up the last of my sessions at Podfest Expo, which I describe as Nerd Prom for Podcasters. What is truly amazing about the playground I play in is that any topic can spark great content and listener experience for a podcast. My head and my heart are full; I met hundreds of truly amazing people who, like me, are inventing and reinventing as they go. I learned so many new hacks that I will experiment with them to make The Tightrope Podcast the best experience for you that it can be.

Best of all: I have scores of new best friends!

Orlando, one of the U.S.’s top travel destinations, appears eerily quiet. On Friday, we visited Disney World and were amazed at how much park attendance has dropped; the day of our visit, fewer than 25,000 guests passed through Disney World’s gates.

Thousands of Disney cast members earn a living at Disney World and nearby facilities, including hotels. And I keep good thoughts that their income remains steady during this uncertain and economically scary time. On this trip, Disney cast member “Ashley” was my Uber driver; she relies on that side-hustle to provide a “what if?” cushion in her bank account. Ashley admits that she is experiencing a lot of sleepless nights because of the drop in park attendance.

As I write this post on the morning of Monday, March 9, 2020, Wall Street is in free-fall; the Dow Jones dropped more than 2,000 points before recovering. The precipitous drop in share value is led by energy stocks. Best advice I’ve gotten from my financial advisors is to buckle up and ride out the turbulence.

Who needs jet fuel and gasoline if so many of us are postponing vacation and business travel?

The good news, if there is good news, is that most people are exercising good hygiene practices. Attendees at Podfest greeted one another with elbow-bumps. And at the show and other places, the overflow of paper towel waste in restrooms indicated to me that many more people are washing their hands.

And that is a good thing.

The Tightrope Podcast has gained new relevance, because many more workforce members are going to do their work remotely. Out of this Covid-19/Coronavirus crisis may come a desire by more of us to seek out and achieve meaning in work done from home or other places where masses of people don’t congregate.

If you work remotely and are expert at it, I want to hear from you. 

Send me a message HERE, to tell me how you make remote office work effective and find it meaningful. I will respond to all messages. Thanks!

Let’s wash our hands and buckle up, because our best days lie ahead.

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Photo credits: Previous Tightrope Podcast guest Matthew Weiss and Dan Smolen, Matthew Weiss; Podfest Session, Dan Smolen.