A career coach guides sidelined people to meaningful work.

career coach guides sidelined people

“In 2009, I really believe that’s when work changed. I remember I had to find the self-motivation to be productive and to move myself forward and find some type of purpose.”

– Natalie Pryce, Career Coach

About this episode:

A self-described introvert and computer geek, Natalie Pryce struggled in grade school and knows first-hand what it is like to have a major career disruption. Yet, Natalie, who is wickedly smart, has never defined herself by her personality type or her past professional setbacks; instead, she channels her own bravery to empower vulnerable people—especially older, out-of-work professionals—find and do meaningful work. Natalie gets them grounded, focused, restored to self-confidence, and earning a paycheck.

A career coach guides sidelined people. Astoundingly, over 90 percent of her clients find new jobs and re-start their careers.

In this podcast episode, Natalie, describes:

  • Her childhood work-dreams. Starts at 2:51
  • Breakthrough moments in college. Starts at 7:50
  • The work done, and value proposition of, Pryceless Consulting. Starts at 25:01
  • The critical need for ongoing professional development. Starts at 42:58
  • How she thinks future of work may be more meaningful. Starts at 48:28

About our guest:

career coach guides sidelined peopleNatalie Pryce received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Relations from Central Connecticut State University. She is a successful entrepreneur and TEDx Speaker who uses her skill, resources, and thought-leadership to help local businesses grow and people thrive. Natalie lives and works in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

EPISODE DATE: March 6, 2020

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