Does smart transportation of the future include autonomous vehicles in urban areas?

About this Episode:

Autonomous Vehicles in Urban AreasDr. Richard Ezike is leading the charge for American Transportation Equity, to make the full range of mobility options—and, in particular, Autonomous Vehicles or AVs—as readily available for inner-city residents as they are for people in our more affluent suburbs. He believes that AVs will provide safer and more accessible mobility, and may greatly improve the lives of inner-city residents who otherwise are deprived of quality transportation.

During these key interview segments, Richard covers autonomous vehicles in urban areas. He:

  • Defines the term “Autonomous Vehicle.” Starts at 5:09
  • Offers his insight as to whether people of color will accept AVs as a transportation equity option. Starts at 10:19
  • Addresses the national security and “hackability” concerns related to the development of AVs. Starts at 14:22
  • Offers his thoughts on how, 30 years from now, AVs may revitalize historically poor and underserved communities such as Southeast Washington, D.C. Starts at 26:58

Autonomous Vehicles in Urban AreasAbout our guest: Dr. Richard Ezike received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Currently, he is a Senior Policy Associate, Innovation for Inclusion at The Urban Institute in Washington, D.C. Dr. Ezike is a frequent events speaker and podcast guest in the areas of transportation equity, resource sustainability, social responsibility, STEAM learning, careerism, and the environment.

EPISODE DATE: February 21, 2020

Published work:

Transportation, Sustainability, and Equity and the Effect on the African-American Community, Published October 20, 2016

Transportation, Environment and Health: Inexorably Linked for Black People, Washington Informer, Published September 7, 2016

Can Transportation be a Bridge to Wealth for African Americans?, Published May 10, 2016

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Photo credits: Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Areas, iStock Photo; Photographic Portrait, Richard Ezike, PhD.